Usability Test 2

26 Apr

I showed my site to the outgoing and incoming officers.  They loved it and caught a couple spelling errors for me.  Everyone is excited to use the site next year and didn’t find anything wrong with it.  It was certified dummy-proof according to the officer team. 🙂


Conference reflection

12 Apr

I thought the conference went well.  I am still working on getting the log in information for the main club site.  Below are a list of pros and cons for whether to create a completely different site and just link it to the main site or to go in and add my site to the main one.

Pros to creating a new site

1. I can make it more professional looking

2. I won’t have to go in and change the main site so they look simular

3. I will be the only one to be able to make changes vs. the main site many people have access to it.

4. I can get experience starting a site from scratch.

5.  I can avoid all the university drama and regulations for an off-campus url.

Cons for making a new site

1. It will cost a fee to create a new site.

2. I will need to go through the right channels in the club to get an okay before it goes live.

3. It will have one more link to make sure it works.

4. It could turn out to be a disaster when the sale comes about to be dealing with more than one site.

usability write-up

12 Apr

From the usability test last week, I learned my overall color scheme doesn’t work for what I want to do with my site which I was already thinking.  My group gave some great feedback on what I should do and lots of reassurance that it will work and is really easy to use.  That was great news to me because I anticipate some users being a little older and less computer/internet savvy using my site.

Logos and their effects

29 Mar

I think the McDonald’s logo is extremely effective. Just about everyone in the developed world recognizes it. It is branded into young children’s brain at an early age. The color is bold and different from other competitors. Also, they are able to just put their logo on a sign and people know what it means no matter their age and where they are in the world.

At This Point in Time

15 Mar

So far in the class, I have enjoyed working in Publisher, however, I am pretty sure I am Publisher-stupid.  Everything I have attempted in class has turned out to be a disaster.  I have no idea what I am doing wrong and I am a little frustrated.  Also, I am a little confused on what I need to do for Module 4.  Do I just type out a CSS style code in word or do I design something in DreamWeaver and send you a copy of it or something else?

Redesigning Ideas

26 Feb

In my limited blogging experience, I have noticed that appearance speaks louder than any content that will ever be posted.  I don’t consider myself a creative person whatsoever, however, I really would like to make this blog “me.”  I am extremely active in the agricultural community especially in the dairy cattle industry.  I want to make my site ag-friendly with references and links to suggest more information to those viewing my blog not involved in agriculture.  I would like it to be clean and simple with green being a focus color.

Also, I want to put a picture on the home page under the title of the blog.  Since I am putting this much time into formatting my blog, I want to make it usable for me after this class as I prepare to graduate and look for a job in agricultural communications.

Wishful Thinking

20 Feb

I visit Facebook very day just like pretty much everyone else over the age of 12.  I love how it has a chat option even though it malfunctions frequently.  I wish that it would have a video chat option.  I really enjoy talking “face to face” to people with skype, but many people don’t have it.  I run into the problem that the people I want to talk to me never have the same chat system, but just about everyone has Facebook.  I dislike talking on the phone and after typing papers and chatting for awhile, my fingers start to hurt, so it would be esier and more personal if I could just talk through the computer.  It would also make group projects easier to meet virtually through Facebook and would be able to talk while working on the computers without leaving home.